Delivery Information


Expected delivery time of the products:

about 1-2 days (border, stickers, wallpaper)
about 2 weeks (curtains, blankets, pillows).

Delivery is provided by GLS COURIER.

The delivery fee with advance transfer: 1290 HUF (subject to tax), with home delivery. Free delivery over HUF 45,000 in case of advance transfer.

The delivery fee with cash on delivery: 1690 HUF (subject to tax free), with home delivery.


SHIPPING ABROAD IS ACCEPTED BY REFERENCE ONLY. We undertake delivery abroad up to a maximum package weight of 2 kg:

Charge zone 1: Slovakia (1), Slovenia, Austria, Czech Republic, Romania, Croatia (2)

2. Fee zone: Poland, Germany (2), Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxembourg, Liechtenstein **, Bulgaria, Switzerland **

3. Zones: Denmark (3), France, Vatican ***, Italy (3-5), Great Britain, Monaco *** (4), Ireland (5)

4. Award zone: Lithuania (3), Latvia (4), Spain (4-6), Sweden (4-7), Estonia (5), Norway **, Greece, Portugal, Finland (5-7)

5. Fee zone: Serbia (2), Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Iceland (3), Albania, Macedonia (4), Malta, Turkey ** (5), Andorra **, Gibraltar *** (5-7), Kosovo (6-7), Faroe Islands (8), Cyprus *** (6-7),

Parcel delivery to the European countries listed above is provided by GLS and the delivery time varies from country to country, so please contact our customer service.

The transport period is extended by the country's customs clearance procedure.

SHIPPING BASE FEES for shipping to the above European countries / up to a maximum of 2 kg per package:

1. Fee zone: 5400 HUF

2. Fee zone: 5600 HUF

3. Fee zone: 8900 HUF

4. Fee zone: HUF 9,500

5. Fee zone: HUF 24,900

Please always ask for information about the actual delivery fee before ordering, the above fees only apply to the basic fee and do not include other costs incurred (eg customs, fees, or other handling, storage, etc. fees)

We undertake to send parcels to the United States from 17990 HUF (starting) with a GLS courier. Please always consult about other costs incurred before ordering (eg customs clearance, etc.).